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Stockton, Lodi and Galt

Sponsored by:

New Life Christian Fellowship: a church of Christ &

Central Church of Christ, Stockton

SBC 2024  
July 7-13, 2024 

Going to Bible Camp is a special time for young and old that has been a tradition for many generations and held dear in the memories of the people who have attended.  


Past Years Themes


2023 Camp Theme: The Born Identity 

Romans 6:6 

2022 Camp Theme: SBC at Heavenly Hills

John 14-:1-4

2021 Camp Theme: I'm Just a Nobody

Romans 9:25

2019  Camp theme: Clear and Present Danger

Psalms 18:39-41

2018 Camp Theme: No Place Like Home

Philippians 3:20

2017 Camp Theme: Holy Much?

1 Peter 1:14-15

2023 Reunion Video

2018 Reunion Video

2019 Reunion Video

Please check out our Camper and Staff information pages to find out more about our upcoming camp week, or contact Raelynne Carroll at 209.623.8229 or by email at

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