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Camper Information

Camp Dates: 

Camp will officially begin at 5:00pm on SUNDAY, July 9, 2023.  Campers should plan to arrive between 4:00 pm and 5:00pm. Campers are not permitted to be on the grounds prior to 4:00pm, unless arriving with approved staff members. Parents should plan to arrive to pick up their campers prior to the close of camp on the final day. Camp will conclude at the dismissal of the director at approximately 9:30 am Saturday, July 15, 2023. 

Camper Ages:

Camper ages start at age 9 through completing high school seniors for camp 2023

Camper Fees:

Early registration dates: To be considered for the early registration fee each campers registration forms and total fees must be received no later than April 15, 2023. Early registration fees are $350 per child flat fee.

Regular registration dates: April 16 – May 31, 2023  The cost for each camper is $375, a second child, must be a sibling, $350, and for a third child and any subsequent children in same family is $325

Late Registration dates: June 1 - June 30, 2023. The cost for each camper is $450, a second child, must be a sibling, $425 and for a third and any subsequent children in the same family is $410.  *Campers registering during Late Registration cannot be guaranteed a camp shirt in their requested size*

If your camper cannot go to camp as planned, please let us know as soon as possible. You will be reimbursed 3⁄4 of your total camp fee minus any PayPal fees in return for your prompt notification of change of plans prior to June 1, 2023, after this date a reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.   (Please keep in mind that chances are, we have already bought food, supplies, and lesson materials based on a count of how many campers will be joining us, and this is why a full refund is not possible.)


Due to the closer proximity of the hosting campgrounds for 2023 Camp arranged transportation will not be provided this year. Please make arrangements for your camper by private vehicle or carpool.  A trailer will  be available for luggage transportation.


Health Waiver:

Summer is a good time for your child to have an annual check-up. The American Camping Association recommends each camper have a physical examination within six months prior to camp. 

Please see our COVID-19 FAQ page for all updates regarding the health and requirements for our campers and volunteer staff members. We continue to wait for resident / overnight camp guidelines from the California Department of Public Health. This information will help us to define our policies and procedures for this summer and address specific COVID-19 related questions from our camp community. We appreciate your patience in this process.

At this time our policies and procedures are likely to continue to change in the coming months based on the prevalence of the virus and evolving state and county health guidelines, so check back regularly for updates or in your email once your camper is registered.


Please NOTE: While the director and volunteer staff  for Bible Camp, Stockton, Lodi and Galt are expected to exercise reasonable care, by registering your camper you agree to not to hold them, New Life Christian Fellowship, a church of Christ, Central church of Christ, Stockton, Bible Camp, or any other providing leadership for camp liable for any injuries, accidents or other possible health related issues incurred during camp or on the way to or from camp.  Also, that New Life Christian Fellowship: a Church of Christ, and/or any other leadership provider assumes no financial obligation, but in case of any illness or accident, the director of the camp, or their designated representatives will secure any and all necessary medical attention for your child while at  Bible Camp, or while being transported to/from Bible Camp. Should it be deemed necessary for your child to receive medical care, you agree to take full responsibility for any expense involved. Additionally, you accept the responsibility that your child is physically fit and healthy to participate in the activities of Bible Camp.


We understand that in these times things are ever changing, and will do our best to communicate all necessary health guidelines as often as possible.

Guests and Visitors:

For the health safety of our campers and staff we cannot allow guest and visitors to be on the campgrounds during the week who have not been background checked prior to the week of camp. We will not allow any overnight stays for those not registered.

Camp Expectations:

It is expected that campers will behave with language, clothing, and conduct that reflects a bible camp atmosphere. No profanity, vulgar language, or inappropriate comments will be tolerated. There will be no smoking, chewing, drugs, (with the exception of prescriptions to be turned into the nurse), no alcohol in any form, no headphones, game devices, and if a camper is seen out of their cabin with an electronic device that becomes a distraction, it may be taken from them and given back at the end of the week.  All electronic devices brought to camp are the responsibility of the camper and not the staff, camp, sponsors, or related organizations. We suggest that campers only bring things to camp that you, the parent/guardian, are willing to replace at your own expense. Camp and all affiliated are not responsible for any missing or damaged items. 


As a Christian camp, campers and staff are required to wear appropriate apparel. No crop tops, spandex shorts, spaghetti straps, clothing with large holes that allow undergarments to show, midriff showing or inappropriate pictures or logos.   If a camper is found wearing any clothing considered to be inappropriate outside of the cabin or restrooms, they will be asked to return to their cabin and change. Clothing for play and casual wear may be worn on all occasions. We strongly suggest labeling your campers belongings (clothing and towel tags) with permanent marker. Laundry service is not provided except in the event of an emergency.

Suggested items to send with your camper:

Sleeping bag or blankets, one sheet to cover camp mattress, pillow with pillow case, (3)towels and washcloths, pajamas (no one sleeps in clothes worn that day), warm jacket, sweatshirt(s), (7)underclothes, (7)socks, hiking shoes, extra shoes, pool/shower shoes, (6)pants, (8)shirts – some warmer some cooler, bathing suit with cover up, bug spray, sunscreen, chap-stick, flashlight, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, comb/brush, Bible, notebook, pencils, writing materials, stamps and envelopes. 

Letters, Packages and phone calls:

We encourage you to write your child while he/she is away at camp. Mail call is quite an anticipated part of the day. The address will be provided in your camper welcome email. Please be on the lookout for that email after you have paid your registration fess. 

The camp telephone is for emergencies only. We understand that many campers may have access to cell phones during camp, please understand that we have activities planned through out the day and your camper will not be able to answer their phones during scheduled activities. Should you need to reach your camper for an emergency the Camp Director's phone can be called at: 209-623-8229. 

We are looking forward to another great Bible Camp together in 2023!

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